How an agency was able to boost the activity and sign more contacts thanks to the emotional tendency analysis.

Call For Tenders

Marketing Strategies

Customer Expectations

The company

This consulting firm is part of a massive communication agency that was first created in France more than 60 years ago. Leader in the digital communication sector, the company operates in more than 90 countries with more than 800 employees in France only.

The challenge

To be innovative on call for tenders and to highlight the emotional trends of a specific brand.

The solution

Q°emotion was able to give this firm a new strategy of work. Being able to access all the emotional information to exploit introduced it to a new dimension.

The result

The emotional insights had a double positive effect on the company’s business. This company was able to propose to the prospects creative ideas based on emotional analytics.More than 80% of the prospects agreed on the effectiveness of this method immediately.

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