Our APIs

Q°emotion provides the best public APIs available to detect:
  • Emotional index © expressed into the speech
  • Key primary emotions expressed into natural language
  • Main sensations evoked by your audience in their feedbacks
  • Speech engagement ©
  • And even more information useful for NLP and text semantic automatic analysis.
Qemotion has built Artificial intelligence solutions to qualify the emotions, the sensations and the engagement of the speech, based upon a corpus enriched with more than several million tests on actual feedbacks. Qemotion API's have been especially released to better monitor the customer experience (CX), the employee experience, to help building better products and improve any communication interactions.
  • TextToEmotions API
  • TextToEmotionsPremium API
  • TextToSensations API (Beta)
  • TextToSensationsPremium API (Beta)
  • TextToEmotionsAndThematics API

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