Solutions: SaaS Platform & API

Q°emotion combines AI algorithms with a multilingual emotional dictionary to qualify emotions, sensations, and involvement of the customer in their feedback. Relying solely on positive/negative scoring is not enough to reach your client. Q°emotion helps you personalize customer experience by detecting key drivers of emotions thanks to NLP (Natural Language Processing) and semantic classification. By analyzing your customer’s path, you will be able to focus on the most influential touch points and eliminate burdens and frustration, allowing you to build strong and stable relationships with the customers.

Q°emotion promise

Meeting your customers’ expectations and continuously amazing them is a long journey for most companies! Q°emotion helps you to provide the most emotional experience to stand apart from your competitors. By knowing what triggers your customers' emotions, you will be able to improve their emotional response to your brand. Our SaaS Platform & API provide features to:

Generate emotional customer experience

Identify brand's emotional signature
Get emotional insights on products & services

Monitor campaigns' emotional impact
Speed up customer care thanks to emotions
Build emotional market Benchmark

Q°emotion eases the customer relationship management process by providing efficient tools to business teams. We offer complementary features such as alerting, prioritization, and emotional mapping.


Represents emotions during the most influential touch points of the customer path.


Detects potential risks and opportunities in the customer relationship management. Detects content from internal sources or social networks which require a high-vigilance and send alerts to the right departments (legal, communication, security, etc.).


Optimizes the handling of interactions (e.g., e-mails, chatbot conversations, etc.) through the detection of emotional intensity. Prioritizes requests from unsatisfied customers which require an immediate response and Assign them to the right team for a more effective follow up.

Emotional insights


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